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Gunnison Energy, LLC was founded in 2011 to produce natural gas and oil along the southern flank of the Piceance Basin in the Rocky Mountain Region.

We're proud of our relationships with the citizens and communities of Delta & Gunnison counties. We adhere to the highest standards of environmentally conscious natural gas exploration and production.


Environment & Permitting

GELLC is committed to protecting the natural environment to the maximum extent possible. We conduct our operations in compliance with all rules and regulations and in a manner which minimizes our impacts to the natural beauty and resources of the area.

Gathering Systems

Our Gathering Systems are state of the art facilities which allow GELLC to utilize non-potable “produced” water from our coal seam gas wells to be used in the drilling and completion of newly drilled wells. This allows for conservation of fresh water supplies in the area.


The links below provide greater information concerning GELLC’s gathering systems. Certain of these gathering systems are “common carrier” gathering systems. A Statement of Operating Condition is included in the links for those gathering systems.

Community Engagement

GELLC continues to fulfill Oxbow Corporation’s longstanding tradition of being a responsible corporate citizen. The Company frequently meets with community members and local organizations to review our projects and discuss ways to operate with minimal impact.

New Managing Partners

William Koch

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Brad Robinson

Board Member

Salar Nabavian

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Gunnison Energy, LLC Corporate Offices

ADDRESS 999 18th Street, Suite 1755N, Denver, CO 80202

PHONE 303.296.4222   |   FAX 303.296.4555

Gunnison Energy, LLC
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