Gunnison Energy LLC

GELLC was founded in 2001 to drill and produce natural gas and oil along the southern flank of the Piceance Basin as well as other areas in the Rocky Mountain Region.  GELLC has acquired more than 109,000 acres of natural gas and oil leases primarily in Delta and Gunnison counties of Colorado, drilled dozens of wells and installed significant gas gathering, treating and compression infrastructure.

GELLC is proud of its strong relationship with the citizens and communities of Delta and Gunnison Counties.  The Company adheres to the highest standards of environmentally conscious natural gas exploration and production.  GELLC is committed to a collaborative and constructive approach to its dealings with local citizens, vendors and regulators at all levels.

GELLC is part of the Oxbow Group of Companies which is owned by William I. Koch.  The Oxbow Group includes Oxbow Mining LLC which operates the Elk Creek Mine located in Somerset, Colorado.  In addition, the Oxbow Group produces and sells energy related commodities both domestically and in foreign markets.  Mr. Koch built both GELLC and the Oxbow Group around his philosophy of combining talented human resources, teamwork and advanced technologies.  It is this successful business philosophy that steered Koch to victory in the 1992 America’s Cup.